Month: January 2018

Public defender says his office is shortchanged on fee collections

Rafael Olmeda Contact Reporter Sun Sentinel Broward County is getting shortchanged on the fees that are supposed to be collected from criminal defendants who cannot afford to hire private lawyers, according to Public Defender Howard Finkelstein. He wants Clerk of Courts Brenda Forman to explain why. In a series of letters between their offices,…

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Police say juveniles took control of detention center after riot

Chaos broke out at the Broward Juvenile Detention Center when some of the inmates managed to take over the facility. 7’s Brian Entin has exclusive video of the riot in tonight’s 7 Investigates. This is where juveniles who get in trouble get locked up. And from the outside, it looks safe, secure and quiet. But…

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Is the Opioid Epidemic Fueling Wrongful Convictions?

Crime labs are overwhelmed and under-regulated – leading to the compromise of countless drug cases nationwide In separate incidents, just five months apart, two Massachusetts crime-lab chemists were arrested for tampering with evidence seized in drug arrests. At Boston’s Hinton State Laboratory, the state’s largest lab, Annie Dookhan falsified results by “dry-labbing”– submitting positive results…

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