Month: February 2017

Florida sends disabled teen back to place that can’t help him with his demons

Keishan Ross, a 17-year-old who has spent much of his life cycling between Broward County’s juvenile lockup and a Panhandle facility that has had little luck correcting his behavior, is on his way back to the Panhandle. Keishan has been diagnosed with a significant intellectual disability, as well as mental illnesses. At least 13 times…

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Disabled teen rages, pounds on cell door and confounds Florida juvenile justice

Inside his cell at the Broward County juvenile jail, Keishan Ross squalls. They are deep, primal, piercing screams, and they are unrelenting. And he pounds on a door. His voice and his fists can be heard from far away, through his cell’s steel door, across a sparsely furnished day room, through another steel door and…

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